A Walk for Water – Charity Walk 2016

作為一間良心企業,安翹重視其社會責任,致力回饋社會。2016年度我們支持<點滴是生命>慈善機構,贊助 <點滴揹水行2016> 慈善步行活動制服,為國內西北部乾旱地區貧窮的農民籌款興建集雨水窖,解決食水問題。

Fundraising Event – Walk for Water 2016

Being an enterprise with conscience, Antonhill takes its responsibilities to the communities very seriously for supporting different charitable causes. We supported “A Drop of Life” and sponsored event T-Shirt for each participant in “Walk for Water 2016” which raises funds for poor farmers to build rainwater cellars in arid areas of northwest China for providing clean water.


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