Hong Kong Fashion Week F/W 2018

本年1月於2018香港秋冬時裝節參展,同時十分榮幸地獲邀於 ”企業制服展示會演”上展示我司最新制服款式,開創企業服飾時裝節展示的先河,獲得全場觀眾掌聲好評。同時,我司總經理歐適適女仕為大會主持 ”製衣界新機遇 – 時尚制服及工作服” 研討會,與業界同行交流心得,目標將「企業制服」產業推向國際。

We exhibited in Hong Kong Fashion Week F/W 2018 held by HKTDC and are with pleasure to be invited to participate in “Corporate Uniform Fashion Show”, in which we showcased our new designed uniform.  Thankfully, we received applause for our pioneered uniform show.  Our General Manager, Ms Betty Au was invited to hold and to be speaker in the seminar “New Growth Opportunity for the Garment Industry – Corporate Fashion and Uniforms”.  Also as the director of Hong Kong Apparel Society, Betty shared with the industry players how can the Hong Kong Corporate Uniform industry be successfully penetrate to worlds’ market.