Antonhill was established in 1981. It has been a 30-year pursuit. Growing from a toddler to a young man, we have been acquiring a wide range of knowledge of the industry and gaining valuable experience in various aspects.

In fact, it is our luck to live in such a great era: we witnessed and participated in the local economic boom in the 80s and now play our part in the flourishing economic development of China. The opportunities and challenges in these 30 years have made us become more mature and thus laid a more firm and solid foundation for us to move forward in strides.

In retrospect, it has been my team and my clients that I am extremely proud of. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my devoted and professional colleagues for their contribution and my clients, old and new, acting as advisors and as friends, for their support. Their care, concern, understanding and co-operation have made it possible for Antonhill to proceed in a steady way.

Looking to the future, our team will continue to explore and manufacture high-quality products, and establish a stronger tie with our clients in order to provide a higher standard of service. No matter whether it is our local, Great China or world market, no matter what challenges we face, Antonhill, with our vision, passion and
experience, will persist in serving with sincerity and specialty.