Bespoke traditionally refers to the personal service of made-to-order garment, which are purely hand-made and supervised by experienced tailors. A set of bespoke suit is superior, in the aspect of workmanship, uniqueness, materials, and level of comfort. Antonhill preserves the traditional craft with contemporary business models.

As a fusion of valuable craftsmanship, high-ended European fabrications, and comprehensive after-sale services, a bespoke suit by Antonhill is paramount compared to any off-to-peg suits from the bulk production line. Bespoke service remains the ultimate sartorial investment for privileged users.

Service Process

The process of bespoke begins with a detailed consultation with a specialized tailoring advisor at a venue that you prefer. You will be offered guidance on fabrics, styles, body-measurement, and all related aspects. Then, the first, second, and third bastes will be cut, sewed, and modified by tailor’s hand for fittings. The standard lead time of a bespoke garment is normally from six to ten weeks.